Iran must halt nuclear work - Obama

BBC News - 15 min 23 sec ago
Barack Obama says Iran should freeze nuclear activity for 10 years, as Israel's prime minister is set to address US Congress on the issue.
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Canadian 'missing in North Korea'

BBC News - 28 min 23 sec ago
A pastor from a Canadian church has failed to return from a humanitarian visit to North Korea, an official from his church says.
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Asian stock markets mostly buoyant

BBC News - 1 hour 5 min ago
Shares in Asia were mostly higher on Monday, following the US, where both the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 closed at all-time highs.
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The Sikh boy labelled a 'terrorist' by his classmates

BBC News - 1 hour 8 min ago
The Sikh boy called a 'terrorist' by his classmates
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Netanyahu ready to take Iran case to Congress in controversial speech

Fox News - 1 hour 49 min ago
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday will make his case to Congress – and the American people – for why a pending nuclear agreement with Iran would risk his country’s security, in a controversial address that is drawing immense interest.
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The spy who came in from al-Qaeda

BBC News - 1 hour 49 min ago
The founder member of al-Qaeda who worked for MI6
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Delhi rapist says victim shouldn't have fought back

BBC News - 1 hour 52 min ago
Delhi bus rapist says victim shouldn't have fought back
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US told to cut 80 Caracas diplomats

BBC News - 2 hours 57 sec ago
Venezuela orders the United States to cut more than 80 staff from its diplomatic mission in the next two weeks.
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Baby deaths inquiry report due

BBC News - 2 hours 1 min ago
Failures at a maternity unit where a number of newborn babies and mothers died are expected to be exposed later.
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Who killed Boris Nemtsov?

BBC News - 2 hours 33 min ago
Theories abound over murder that shocked Moscow
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VIDEO: Afghans battle to tame the Taliban

BBC News - 2 hours 43 min ago
Afghanistan's army is engaged in its largest offensive against the Taliban without the support of international combat troops.
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Nemtsov girlfriend flies to Ukraine

BBC News - 2 hours 45 min ago
Anna Durytska, the Ukrainian girlfriend of murdered Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, is flying home after being questioned by police in Moscow.
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VIDEO: Tensions as Netanyahu visits US

BBC News - 2 hours 47 min ago
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said his coming speech to the US Congress is "not intended to disrespect" President Barack Obama.
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VIDEO: Skydiver saved after mid-air seizure

BBC News - 3 hours 3 min ago
A quick-thinking skydiving instructor in Western Australia came to the rescue when one of his students had an epileptic seizure during a jump.
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VIDEO: Chinese treasures stolen in France

BBC News - 3 hours 15 min ago
More than a dozen artefacts have been stolen from a Chinese museum near Paris, including a replica of the King of Siam's crown that was given to Napoleon III.
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Homeless man 'reached for LAPD gun'

BBC News - 3 hours 46 min ago
The Los Angeles police chief says a homeless man shot dead by police had reached for an officer's weapon before being killed.
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Sources: More than a dozen ISIS operatives in Libya, but no US authority to strike

Fox News - 3 hours 52 min ago
More than a dozen Islamic State fighters from Iraq and Syria -- some with direct ties to the group's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi -- are now in Libya, according to U.S. and European sources.
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Hillary’s foreign fundraising mess: Even the liberal press is fed up

Fox News - 3 hours 53 min ago
It’s not surprising that Hillary Clinton was the constant target of attacks at CPAC, second only to Barack Obama.
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Senate rejects proposal to negotiate with House on DHS funding, handing issue back to Boehner

Fox News - 4 hours 2 min ago
The Senate on Monday rejected a House measure for the chambers to meet and negotiate on a funding bill for the Homeland Security Department that included immigration provisions -- sending the long-lasting crisis back to the GOP-led lower chamber.
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Australia to 'bolster force in Iraq'

BBC News - 4 hours 16 min ago
Australia is poised to more than double its contingent of troops training local forces in Iraq, Australian media say.
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