The Currency War with Russia and China by James I. Ausman, MD, PhD

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dr. James I. AusmanEconomically worldwide things are developing as I stated in my article two years ago. Virtually every nation is bankrupt, has resorted to printing money to lower the value of their currency with a resultant currency war. They all have huge debts, failing economies, and centralized control by Fed-like organizations. They are now trying, with Russian and Chinese help, to destroy the dollar as becoming valueless by setting up their own currency as the medium of exchange rather than the dollar. The only ones who do not know this are the people in the USA, who are being kept in the dark. If it became known that the USA cannot pay it debts, there would be panic. So my guess is that everyone in the media has gone along with the government warnings not to say anything that would create a panic and a run on the banks, which would create worldwide chaos. Unfortunately, there is no way out of the buying and spending that cannot be repaid. The money has been committed or spent.

You cannot pay off an 18-25 trillion dollar debt (soon to be) with 3 trillion dollars in tax revenue, much of which is already committed to entitlement programs. In simple terms, that is like having $3 to your name and owing nearly $20. How do you pay that off? Will the lender give you any more money? Not a chance. If you are a central planner, you will tax the rich or take it from someone else, but there is not enough to pay the debt. So, where does that leave you? Imagine reading this in a newspaper.

Likewise China and Russia are in huge debt and are printing money also. The Chinese are in a terrible spot having built massive cities that are virtually unoccupied. They consumed raw materials to build those cities, which produced only temporary work. But the debts on those huge construction projects have to be paid. It was all done with "cronyism" for those who had an "in" with the government. That is how the Chinese economy works. They used money from the people to do it. The numbers from the USA and Chinese economy are false and are propaganda to support the government and prevent panic. The Chinese growth rate is not the 7% they claim, and the USA unemployment figures are a deception. Sixty-three million people are out of work in the workforce in the USA. James Rickards has the best chapter on China that I have read in his book, Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis.

Both China and Russia are accumulating huge amounts of gold to support their new currency. There is some question that there is even any gold in Fort Knox. There has been no accounting of that allowed as far as I have read. Americans do not read about that either.

When the collapse will happen is unknown. But, I am reading more about it every day as the idea is spreading. Some say 6 months, others longer. However, it appears to be a certainty.

Written by Dr. Jim Ausman

James I. Ausman, MD, PhD, is Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Southern California in Los angeles (UCLA); Editor-in-Chief of Surgical Neurology International (SNI); President, Future Healthcare Strategies; Chairman of the Board, The Waymaster Corporation Productions' and Creator, Executive Producer, THE LEADING GEN® TV Series. Dr. Ausman travels to all parts of the world teaching and lecturing.

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International bankers control wealth!

... It is not the government that is controlling all the wealth, but the international bankers and the BIS--the central banker's bank. The multinational corporations in conjunction with the international bankers have colluded with the governments in the more powerful countries to control all wealth. You will note that left out of this internecine nexus are the smaller companies and the middle class--the true makers of the capitalist system. Hayek and Von Mises knew this as did most of the early free market economists. 

If you carefully read the history of the great fortunes and the international bankers you will see that they were tired of having to worry about government agencies risking their powerful positions in society. To stem this, a group of the more powerful men--J.P Morgan, Harriman, Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc--hatched a plan to take over government operations by creating several powerful organizations that would control pivotal areas of society and the government--that is, they trained men to be the advisors and holder of each administration, they controlled the media by advertising and they controlled a good deal of the electoral process to put men in office that would do their bidding. The greatest stride was their creation of the Federal Reserve and its sister organization the World Bank and the IMF. This one organization gave them the ability to no longer depend on taxes and tariffs to fund their federal programs--now they could merely print the money and make computer entries to fund their programs. 

The multinational corporations, by this system, also had easy money for expansion and growth and to develop foreign markets. This severed the link between producing products that the public wanted (quality products) and financial rewards, as Bonner notes. This was not by accident but by design. Recalcitrant companies were dealt with through government agencies, such as the SEC, FTC etc and ultimately they could be made to go bankrupt. In addition, this system of financial control also allowed them to control the governments of foreign nations. 

The government is now completely merged with the multinational financial system so that they are indistinguishable. They move back and forth with such ease that the casual observer cannot tell when he is dealing with the government and when he is dealing with a multinational. The keen observer has noted that these giant financial institutions and businesses are now fully engaged in social engineering--hence mandatory training course on political correctness for employees and influence in the public arena. Lydia was an excellent study as to what happens when a country decides to go it alone--their leader is assassinated and their government taken over by "friendly" dictators. Libya, because it shunned European central bank control and decided to have its own currency backed by gold and its own banking system was sacrificed. This was a clear message to other countries to not challenge the elite rulers. 

Now the leaders of the EU spill their ultimate plan--the creation of a superstate, which was intended all along. This is just the beginning. It is noteworthy that the Germans are in charge of the EU government and they are creating what Hitler wanted in the first place--a fascist Europe and eventually the world.

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC
Associate Editor-in-Chief
Surgical Neurology International