Donald Trump President Elect — One Man’s View of the 2016 Election Coverage!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I don’t watch television frequently, but I did so last night, and my wife and I stayed up for the U.S. presidential election coverage — until it was over. We alternated watching between ABC News and CBS News. On ABC News, George Stephanopoulos and Cokie Roberts and the Donald J. Trump, President Elect, and family after 2016 winroaming correspondent Cecilia Vega were some of the main commentators. On CBS News the lead commentators were retired news veterans Charles Gibson and Bob Schieffer, as well as Charlie Rose and roaming correspondent Nancy Cordes.
The commentators kept repeating themselves saying what they were witnessing was "unprecedented" as Donald Trump won state after state and surpassed Hillary Clinton in Electoral College votes. Watching the supposedly objective media commentators tally and discuss the votes was as amazing as the election itself. This amazement resulted as much from what was said by the participants in their guarded and unguarded moments as well as their behavior. As coverage proceeded and more and more states turned red for Trump, many of the faces turned somber, their disappointment palpable, their condescension to American voters mechanical and revengeful. But it was surprising how frequently the commentators on both channels delivered the same talking points, particularly about the different ethnic or gender groups voting for each candidate. The progressive liberal bias was discernible and at times offensive. Latinos, African-Americans, the college educated, and white women were supposedly all solidly voting for Hillary Clinton.
On the other hand, uneducated white men and rural voters were the angry people voting for Donald Trump. The implication was that urban hicks and country bumpkins condescendingly needed to be educated (indoctrinated) so they would vote for the correct party, the Democratic Party of course. These elite journalists forget these politically incorrect voters are the patriotic Americans who repair their pipes as plumbers, fix their electricity, repair their cars as mechanics, as well as grow their food as farmers — providing services that are essential to their more exalted existence as liberal journalists and pundits. Yet, the reporters kept wondering why Americans were angry. They need not look any further than themselves and the elitist and biased way they report the news and promote liberal agendas. The same goes for academicians and consensual politicians of both parties.
As the election coverage got heated and Trump began to win more and more states, the journalists began to lose their composure; there was some backpedaling and subtle recrimination. The erroneous political polls that had put Hillary Clinton two to six points ahead of Donald Trump could not be explained until a young woman pointed out that there was a “social undesirability” for voters to admit that they were casting their votes for Trump. In other words, in authoritarian states people fear to tell the truth because of the possibility of loss of life or liberty; similarly, in the present politically correct America, people fear to tell the truth because of social ostracism that the voter would experience at least psychologically for voting for a person that the media elite deemed undesirable or unacceptable.
Another troublesome issue was that while African-American voters were voting as expected for Hillary, it turned out that many suburban white women and college educated whites were voting “incorrectly” and unexpectedly for Trump. While Hillary carried the Northeast and other scattered democratic strongholds, Trump was carrying the South and Midwest. And to make matters worse, the Great Lakes and Northern Midwest states, including Wisconsin, were threatening to fall in the Trump column. Michigan and Minnesota, Democrat strongholds of yore, seemed to be deserting Hillary and were edging unexpectedly for Trump. In the end the great “swing states” of Ohio, Pennsylvania, as well as North Carolina and Florida went for Trump, despite the women and Latinos who were supposed to mobilize in those states for Hillary! Unfortunately for Hillary and the Democrats, as one journalist commented, “She [Hillary] did not do as well with Hispanics and women as she expected!”

Charles Gibson was visibly disgusted that "29% of Latinos still voted for Trump," despite his insults to Mexicans coming illegally across the border. Bob Schieffer in quet desperation made opinionated comments without substance merely babbling the same talking points about demographics. It was a bad idea for CBS to bring them back from their retirement for this coverage. A good impression was made by a couple of journalists, ABC correspondent Terry Moran, and ironically a female journalist of Hispanic descent, ABC World News anchor, Cecilia Vega, who were clear headed and kept open minds on Trump during their reporting. Colleagues could have learned from them on objective media coverage! Trump 2016 map
The panicky suggestion was made that Hillary could lose by the Electoral College system, despite “possibly winning the popular vote by a large 4% to 5% margin.” This asinine comment was forgotten when Trump continued to win the Electoral votes as well as keep up with the popular vote, which by the time Hillary conceded was over 56,000,000 votes for Hillary and Trump each. In the Electoral College the vote was 218 for Hillary and 278 for Trump. (Trump was still leading in Michigan and Arizona.) Yet, Hillary had overspent Trump by a wide margin: $1.3 billion vs. $800 million for Trump.
The end was glorious for Trump, now President Elect, who praised Hillary’s past work in government and introduced family, friends, and advisors. He pledged to unite the country and “would help everyone reach their full potential.” Hillary’s exit was not as praiseworthy. Characteristically, she called Trump to concede defeat but she did not present herself to her supporters, gave them no farewell speech, nor thanked them publicly for their efforts on her behalf. Just before I completed this article at 3:45 a.m. (but amended a few hours later), it was reported that Hillary would deliver a speech later that day. We hope that the progressive journalists recover from the “shock” of this extraordinary election from which we have all learned much about Trump, and even more from the people who elected him — not to mention the journalists who report the news.

Republicans maintained majorities in both Houses of Congress. In the Senate Democrats attained 47 seats to 51 seats for Republicans (who lost only one seat despite somber media projections). In the House of Representatives the Democrats kept 191 seats to the 237 seats gained by Republicans. Not a bad night, but a sensational night for the GOP!

In the end the popular vote was split 47.5% for Trump and 47.7% for Clinton, so that Hillary won the popular vote by a hair, not by the unprecedented 4-5% predicted by the liberal pundit. This vote translated to 218 Electoral votes for Hillary to 278 votes for Trump in accordance with our constitutional system of federal representation. Those who genuinely fear Trump need not worry too deeply, as demonstrated in his generous remarks after his victory. Besides as I stated elsewhere: "If Trump gets elected he will be bound from extreme mischief by the chains of the Constitution like all other previous presidents. Binding a [purportedly] loose cannon without ideology would be far easier than a determined autocratic ideologue with a party behind her." Trump is less dangerous than Hillary and will surely become more presidential as he assumes the mantle of executive power, and when needed he will be restrained by his own party, not to mention the Congressional Democrats.

With outsider Trump entering victorious into the political arena some kind of political realignment is probable. But what is certain is that Trump’s detractors, such as Bill Kristol and Eric Erickson, who criticized over and over and predicted disaster at the polls for Donald Trump, will be eating a lot of crow over the ensuing weeks and months.

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D. is a retired neurosurgeon and author of “Cuba in Revolution Escape from a Lost Paradise” (2002). His website is

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Similar versions of this article also appeared in the Macon Telegraph and GOPUSA on November 10, 2016.

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5 Stages of grief!

Obama and the Establishment's self-absorption, arrogance, bigotry, disrespect for the law, pettiness, infantile behavior, and bias against mainstream American people are infantile reactions to rejection and are on full display for all to see. Their Marxist belief that the ruling party are superior to everyone else and know what is best for the proletariat, as self appointed leaders of these workers, has been rejected, and they are hurt and offended. This rejection should not happen according to what they have been taught, and they have not experienced this before.  And besides all of that, the presidential decision is final, although they are continuing to fight to overthrow the results of the vote. They are trying to revolt, and bargain to maintain their status, that will not return. The overwhelming attacks from Press, the Establishment on the Right and Left, the Hollywood Elite, the monied interests, the Globalists (whose policies have devastated to working class), and the lobbyists against Trump all failed. He was the first to challenge them,  and jeopardized their continued favors they had come to expect at the cost of the workers.  They are authoritarian, elitist Socialists. Obama is seeing that his legacy of failure and demagoguery is being rejected by the people, now most significantly, the third time. Hillary’s brazen corruption and belief that she and her Left colleagues are all above the law has been exposed by Wikileaks and by the members of the Intelligence agency who leaked this information. They cannot handle this rejection much less believe it. They are used to being appeased, coddled, and protected by their own Left that has contempt for the rest of the people from whom they demand respect. They cannot understand why they have been rejected by the people whom they believed were their inferiors. They are now forced to realize that they are no better than the rest of us. They are like spoiled children who have been told to make it on their own and Grow Up! They have not been told that in 50 years. And Yes this is all to be credited to Trump… What is happening is like Kubler Ross described in the 5 stages of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. So far, the Democrat party and the Establishment is in the Denial phase. Some are becoming Angry. But there are more stages to go for them to understand the magnitude of their loss and why it happened. A few are coming to grips with their loss and want to change the Party’s direction as in the replacement of Pelosi by an Ohio representative. But there is resistance still to this idea. — Dr. Jim Ausman

Media response to election

A good observation, Dr. Faria, and I might add that though Trump got the "uneducated" vote, he also got more "educated" votes than predicted, and perhaps even the majority.

As I have watched MSM pundits since the election, it becomes more obvious that they just don’t get it, and learned nothing of the emergence of a Trump.

Surely the irony meter is pegging on this one as they have attributed the rise of Trump to some bigoted ism of his supporters, while they are blissfully oblivious that it is their supercilious condescension that has led to a validation of their rejection by the un-indoctrinated. They divide us into categories then proceed to chose those which are worthy. There is your real bigotry, and that is what we have rejected.

Trump victory, Miami Cuban-Americans & others ecstatic!

Laida, Miami, Fla.
I'm ecstatic too and stayed up until 4:00 AM!
Clara L. Faria, Miami, Fla.
Right on! We tuned out early and watched Netflix (a wonderful series entitled "The Crown," about Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II following WW2.

Then we tuned in and were watching until the electoral vote reached 274.

What a relief! Sad to say, some of the young people in our extended families are weeping giant tears. Don Horacio, Perry, GA.
Good one, especially for 3:45 in the morning!

There are more counts still being finalized, and the Senate division remains to be determined because of Louisiana's run-off in early December (Republican is favored then).

We are fortunate that Americans woke up and asserted their right to be governed lawfully and by putting us and our country first. Robb, New York.
I too was happy with the result as a Hillary victory would have been a disaster for America... [With all of the past manipulations of the financial markets, unfortunately an economic crash is a certainty, despite Trump's victory]... So the Trump revolution will have to go thru hard economic times at a time of world economic disaster and uncertainty. You can imagine what the Press will say at that time. However, the Press needs to be investigated also for its corruption in violating their responsibility to the people for watching the government granted by Freedom of the Press. Heads will need to roll from the past administration as accountability must be extracted and dealt with. The
people want that accountability in cleaning house. When I understand more I will write more.--- Jim, California.
Hey Doc, Congratulations to us as Nation and thank you for your correspondence. With all humbleness I had softly spoken that I thought Trump would win in a landslide, but I couldn't underestimate voter fraud and the fickle (educated?) white Americans that watch a little mainstream media during their busy day.

What does it say when we have to worry that the (educated) people would lean toward a Hillary Clinton? It tells me that the educated tend to be more indoctrinated than educated. Funny... the stories I could tell about my brother in law of 35 years who's a devote Christian conservative and associate professor of pathology at LSU. He eats lunch all by himself Again, thank you for your thoughts, friendship and patriotism. ---Greg, Macon, GA 
WE won!! God bless America!! There is always hope with the Lord!---Russell, MS.

GOPUSA: Election coverage comments

DrGadget (November 10, 2016): I think I was watching ABC with George Stephanopoulos. I was amazed by his composure. He used to work for the Clintons. He must have been on some of those good Hillary uppers or something because I didn’t see him get upset…Crooked system. Media bias.Hillary tried to cheat. Trump won anyway.
Dido: I agree with George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Rose. They kept their composure and their professionalism was amazing. Not so for Bob Schieffer, Charles Gibson, and many of the others who kept prune faces and repeated the same hackney phrases instigating class, gender, and race strife in the race. There was an older woman, a blonde alternatively mad & on the verge of tears, even as she acknowledge defeat and Trump’s victory. Her name escapes me!
Steven Frasher: Dr Faria makes a very good point. I have a co-worker who is a Hispanic US Citizen. He agrees completely with Trump. After he had to wait, then pay, then takes tests to become a US Citizen, he also hates illegals
Dianecamp: Was it Martha Raddatz–the debate moderator who argued with Trump?
Dido: Bingo! Yes Martha Raddatz, and truly I was kind with her description!
ultrabloo: Dido, Yes, it was Martha Raddatz, one of the debate “moderators”. She lost her composure and any sense of objectivity – ‘aren’t they listening to what he’s saying about women?”, and then on and on about how it was dumb (PC: ‘uneducated’) white males who were supporting Trump. All 57,000,000 of them. “Kookie” Roberts, life-long NPR and ABC liberal, was equally disheveled by the results, but at least kept her composure.

pwpmmp: What strikes me is how wrong and out-of-touch the majority of the media has been all along. They could not wrap their collective heads around the fact that they can no longer “create” the news by their manipulations. The credibility of the main stream media took a drubbing in this election. They were so wrong. Was Donald Trump my first choice? Not by a long shot. And I suspect that was the case with many conservatives, however, Hillary and her snarky band of elites gave conservatives of every level the excuse to pull the lever for Trump. I hope Trump surprises us, gets real and truly does get the country headed in the right direction again. He will get absolutely no help from the liberals, many of whom I suspect are hoping the country goes down in flames just so they can say I told you so. If American citizens put on their big boy/girl pants and work together we can still salvage our country. If the portion of the country who voted for Hillary pouts and obstructs for the next four years it’s going to be a rough ride for everyone. Either way, the liberals have only themselves to blame.
Kbarnett: I found myself on Fox and CNN. Wolf Blitzer could not believe what was happening. King did an excellent job with that huge map. They kept checking the counties that had outstanding votes to come in for Hillary. They expected landslide numbers to materialize from areas previously dominated by Barack. It never happened. CNN had a panel of about 8 commentators of which 2 were conservative. All were gracious yet in denial. The black commentator named Van I believe was rude and condescending explaining that this was a case of “White Lash.” As much as anyone could he pushed those demonstrators to the streets. I too was disappointed 4 years ago when Romney lost. I got over it and moved on. We all need now to do our best to support our new president.

Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes cast)

FredN: I too thought little of Trump. His mouth and attitude made me believe he was purposely trying to lose the election. I voted for him as a vote against Hillary. After his acceptance speech and subsequent transition team information, I now am willing to give him the opportunity to make the changes he has promised. I have found throughout my life that one is only as good as those he surrounds himself/herself. Rudy Guliani, John Bolton, Ben Carson and Newt Gingrich as well aas others are excellent conservative choices for heads of various cabinet positions. The fact that he named 6 conservative justices for the supreme court is another. I also hope he names his campaign spokesperson, MaryAnn (last name escapes me) as chief of staff. Would be smart. Would love to see Condoleeza Rice be considered for a position as well. His dropping all social media in the latter stage of the election process showed me he could listen and take direction from staff. I’m more than willing to give this man a chance. One thing he seems to be good at is bullying his opponents. With the ‘bully’ pulpit, this will make things even easier.
David Ball: I did not watch any of the coverage that night. I just had my tablet going back to either (which was just slow) or which only had the results posted NO TALKING HEADS!!! It was great... Hell I stayed up till almost dawns early light!!!! To celebrate.