Politicization and a potential Fifth Column in Obama’s CIA is disturbing by Miguel A. Faria, MD

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Friday, December 16, 2016

No one can accuse me of being an inorderly harsh critic of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Quite the opposite. I have written at least two articles defending the CIA over the years, even when politically incorrect to do so. Truth be told, unlike the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which has been relatively left unscathed by the political establishment and the mainstream media (MSM) — even and despite such atrocities as were committed by the FBI (with the connivance of the roguish Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms; ATF) at Ruby Ridge (1992) and Waco (1994) — the CIA has been a punching bag not only for left-wing conspiracy wackos but also the MSM (liberal) media.

The CIA has been the subject of much political bashing in the past, even when the agency during the cold war provided the intelligence and operative counterforce to the dreaded KGB, serving veritably as the defensive “sword and shield” of America and the free world. But since the days of Bill Clinton’s presidency, Janet Reno’s Justice Department, and George Tenet’s CIA (in office 1996-2004), the agency has had deplorably more than its fair share of myriad intelligence failures and political scandals, the latter mostly during Democrat administrations.

More recently and even more seriously in the Obama administration, the CIA has been acting as a partisan political agency and has even joined the liberal media in conducting an undeclared but open war against President-Elect Donald Trump, before and after his election. I don’t remember ever witnessing such political impertinence and atrocious partisanship by either the CIA or FBI in their entire histories!

Once upon a time in the intelligence agencies

In the not-so-distant past, the FBI and the CIA were largely non partisan agencies. The legendary First Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, served from 1935 to his death in 1972 under six presidents, Republicans and Democrats, building the FBI into the premier domestic intelligence gathering and crime fighting agency in the free world. For her part, the CIA had a more stormy course, but not until the debacle of the Bay of Pigs in 1961 was the agency singled out for political finger pointing. It was then that CIA Director Allan Dulles, the longest serving CIA Director in the agency’s history (in office 1953-1961), was blamed for the disaster and summarily fired by President John F. Kennedy.

President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet RenoWe should also recall that it was Bill Clinton in 1993 who helped the intelligence agencies turn partisan by firing William S. Sessions, the Director of the FBI (in office 1987-1993, an appointment by Ronald Reagan); Clinton was assisted in forcing the resignation by the most partisan Attorney General in U.S. history, Janet Reno (photo, left). A few years later, Sessions' successor FBI Director Louis Freeh (in office 1993-2001) would also come under fire, this time for insubordination in the same regime headed by the same Janet Reno. The Attorney General’s open political partisanship; her attempts to use the FBI as a Praetorian Guard for President Clinton; and most troubling, her heavy-handed modus operandi at the Department of Justice, persecuting the citizen “militia” and other political opponents of the Clinton administration — represent a dark period in U.S. history. So much so that if at any time in our American chronicles, we came close to instituting a reign of terror, the Clinton-Reno regime came closest to implementing one.William J. Casey, Director of the CIA

What should FBI and CIA Directors be doing for their country’s security in fighting all enemies, foreign (mostly by the CIA) and domestic (mostly by FBI)? Certainly, not meddle in domestic politics and not pose security risks to the nation they are supposed to serve.

For purposes of instruction, let’s consider the intelligence & counterintelligence services under Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s Director of the CIA, William J. Casey (in office 1981-1987; photo, right) increased enormously the CIA’s foreign capabilities to counter the Soviet Union and helped Reagan plan and implement the strategic blows that led to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and with it the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

Reagan’s Director of the FBI, William H. Webster (in office 1978-1987), uncovered spies working for the Soviets against America and brought power, efficiency, decency, and prestige to the Bureau. He presided over the twin “Years of the Spy: 1984 & 1985,” when nearly more than a dozen major Soviet spies were rolled up by the FBI and arrested. After serving William H. Webster, Director of FBIhonorably and revamping the FBI, he moved to do the same for the CIA, after William Casey, who had served with equal ardor and success, succumbed to a fulminant illness. Webster became Director of the CIA (in office 1987-1991 until his retirement). Webster (photo, left) presently is Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

In 1805 just before the Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Horatio Nelson instructed his marines in the British fleet: "England expects every man to do his duty." They did. We should have expected no less from both the FBI and CIA under the administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to also do their duty in protecting this nation from our enemies.

Obama's FBI and CIA in contrast

Moving forward to 2016, we witnessed FBI Director James Comey's (in office since 2013) clumsy efforts to exculpate Hillary, despite the evidence of malfeasance all around her. (We can imagine the pressure from Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Obama administration.) But then Comey was not so sure. His political no-win situation worsened, and his subsequent desperate attempt at transparency shortly before the election came under fire by Attorney General Lynch when Comey, on his own initiative, revealed the ongoing FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Like President Clinton, Obama had President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynchturned to his accommodating Attorney General (photo, right) to sabotage Comey’s FBI investigation of Hillary’s unsecured emails just prior to the election. But compare this active measure of partisanship to the treatment of Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan (in office since 2013), who has been given a free ride by the administration and the crooked MSM, despite his communist past, his immense security risk, and his inappropriate, atrocious, and partisan attack against the President-Elect Trump.
But let’s be clear about this: My admiration, not only for the rank and file CIA officers but also for the senior career officials in the CIA, remains unaltered. My problem with the agency is the recent inappropriate and partisan political appointments that have been made at the very top of the agency, which in the case of Obama’s administration, has reached a crescendo of interference in the election process, immersion in political partisanship, and wanton disregard for possible security risks at the very top of the CIA. The case for this political corruption has been well made by Cliff Kincaid, Director of the AIM [Accuracy in the Media] Center for Investigative Journalism, in two well-referenced but disturbing columns.

In his article, “The CIA’s War on Trump,” Kincaid describes this inordinate, inappropriate, and furious attack of the CIA top officials on the President-Elect. The scandal goes to the very top in the CIA. His perceptive article almost immediately resulted in an intense debate on GOPUSA with 74 comments in next several hours. The beginning of the column, setting the tone for the article, deserves quoting:

You couldn’t fault Donald J. Trump for concluding that the CIA is out to get him even before he starts his presidency. Former CIA officials Michael Morell, Michael Hayden and Philip Mudd have all denounced him. Plus, former CIA operations officer Evan McMullin ran against him as an independent presidential candidate.

Obama’s director of the CIA is John Brennan, who recently disclosed that he voted for the Communist Party (CPUSA) ticket when he was in college. He was hired by the CIA anyway and quickly rose through the ranks, even though the CPUSA was funded by Moscow and known to provide cover for Soviet espionage activities. The liberal media haven’t made Brennan’s disclosure into a scandal and didn’t call for any investigations of Obama’s CIA.

From there the article gets hotter revealing also that Michael Hayden, a former director of both the  National Security Agency (NSA) and the CIA, and another Trump critic, was once photographed with former analyst and turncoat Edward Snowden. No revelations have come or are forthcoming from the MSM about the shenanigans of any of these Marxists or progressive characters or their potential for serving as a Fifth Column inside the CIA.

Kincaid’s other article on the subject, “Corrupt CIA Feeds Crooked Media” tells the other side of the unreported CIA scandal: the complicity of the media.

As a result, Kincaid calls for a congressional investigation to unravel these tentacles of politicization and corruption within the CIA. The investigation should also include the personalities involved in the recent past and present leadership, beginning with John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director, whose “great” and only achievement in the CIA has been in bringing sexual “diversity” to the agency, and not in defending the United States against foreign enemies. He should be investigated along with the aforementioned culprits, for negligence, political corruption, or worse.

The WikiLeaks brouhaha, the crooked media, and the Russians

The WikiLeaks disclosures involved the publication of hacked emails from the Clinton campaign, and Kincaid admits that while WikiLeaks hacker Julian Assange worked for a Russian propaganda channel, he denies that this fact constitutes evidence the emails were stolen by the Russians and given to WikiLeaks because they wanted to help Trump win the election. In fact it is also evident that malfeasance and carelessness at the DNC had been noted by the FBI but warnings were ignored and were to no avail. Carelessness with confidential emails, negligence with intelligence, and the mishandling of classified information seems to be rampant by Democrat operatives beginning with Hillary Clinton and ending with her maid.

Kincaid’s articles go into details about the WikiLeaks controversy and the possible Russian involvement in the affair. He reveals that House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes sent a letter on November 17, 2016, to James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence in which he reminded Clapper that he had “told the Committee during an open hearing that the IC [Intelligence Community] lacked strong evidence connecting Russian government cyber-attacks and WikiLeaks disclosures, testifying that ‘as far as the WikiLeaks connection, the evidence there is not as strong and we don’t have good insight into the sequencing of the releases or when the data may have been provided.’ “  And yet shortly after, according to subsequent media reports, the CIA’s position had changed dramatically. Why?

The reason for that change in the CIA position was that CIA Director Brennan could not pass up the opportunity to attack Trump. Brennan leaked misleading information to the media, including the Washington Post, which was the newspaper that published the initial and unsubstantiated repeated allegation that “Russia was trying to help Trump win White House.” Be that as it may, it should have been the American media that should have blown the whistle on the malfeasance contained in the WikiLeaks emails. The MSM should have beeb the watchdog, just as when they pursued with relentless passion the Watergate affair in 1974 and Iran Contra in 1987, but of course those were against Republican presidents. Because of the lapdog and crooked media, we find ourselves in the paradoxical, if not absurd, situation that If indeed the Russians are the culprits as the source of the leaks, it is to them and not the liberal media that we owe the information about our own political affairs, Democrat Party transgressions, and other misadventures.

Yes, a congressional investigation is sorely and promptly needed to sort through the chaff and get to the bottom of this imbroglio, or rather sordid affair encompassing the CIA and the crooked liberal media, a sordid affair that is disconcerting to the citizenry and detrimental to the nation’s political and constitutional process. I agree with Kincaid that it may turn out to be the case that the real government meddling in our elections was not from the Russians but from Obama’s corrupt CIA in complicity with a willing and crooked liberal media. Trump needs to work with Congress to clean house in the CIA, revamp the intelligence agencies, and gear them to perform the task for which they were founded, to protect the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D. is an Associate Editor in Chief and World Affairs Editor of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He is President of Haciendapublishing, a retired neurosurgeon, and the author of  Cuba in Revolution — Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002). His website is http://www.haciendapub.com 

This article may be cited as: Faria MA. Politicization and a potential Fifth Column in Obama’s CIA is disturbing. Haciendapub.com, December 16, 2016 Available from: http://www.haciendapublishing.com/articles/politicization-and-potential-fifth-column-obama%E2%80%99s-cia-disturbing-miguel-faria-md

Versions of this article were first published in GOPUSA.com & Haciendapub.com on December 16, 2016. It is republished on March 15, 2017 because of the relevance of the revelations remains high, as the biased liberal media and the intelligence services (preserving the Obama progressive view of thw world) continue their attack on the newly installed Trump presidency.

Copyright ©2016  Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD

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CIA corruption

Another brilliant analysis by Miguel. Miguel knows that I am not a big fan of the CIA and for many reasons. Yet as Jerome Corsi and Robert Steele have said, the CIA agents and lower level people in the CIA are some of the best in the world--the problem is the upper ranks, which is inhabited by traitors., sexual deviants, corrupt money-hungry low-lifes and other nefarious denizens of the swamp. There have been a few excellent CIA directors, such as Casey, but also many evil directors. There is no question that the CIA saw its worst destruction at the hands of the string of leftist presidents such as George Bush senior, Clinton and especially, Obama.

Since the MSM is totally dedicated to the leftist utopian dream, our only real source of information as to the activities of the creatures operating within the deep state and shadowy ruling elite has been Wikileaks. Wikileaks has exposed the underbelly of the creatures from collectivist hell, and this includes the present CIA and FBI. Miguel is correct--President Trump needs to move quickly to drain the intelligence swamp.

The CIA swamp is being drained of political hacks — Bravo!

“When President Trump was greeted with cheers and strong applause at CIA headquarters, you knew that Obama’s CIA director John Brennan would decide to strike back. The liberal media were quick to quote Brennan as saying that he was “saddened” and “angered” by Trump’s remarks...

“Nick Shapiro, the source of the Brennan quotes, is a “former CIA Deputy Chief of Staff,” which sounds impressive until you learn that Shapiro was a partisan mouthpiece not only for Brennan but for President Obama and, before that, John Kerry.

“...The controversial Brennan admittedly voted communist before joining the CIA and reportedly converted to Islam when he was in Saudi Arabia as CIA station chief. He was in charge of President Obama’s pro-Muslim Brotherhood policy that decimated the Middle East with endless wars that have produced millions of refugees.

“... During the current controversy, Shapiro put Brennan’s comments on his Twitter feed and then promoted a CNN story attacking Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS), Trump’s nominee to run the CIA.

“In other words, this is more politics from those who were running the CIA under Obama. They seem to be afraid that Trump and Pompeo will shake up the agency and get to the bottom of the damage that Brennan has inflicted on the CIA.

“Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, was absolutely correct on ABC News’ “This Week” when she called Brennan a “partisan political hack” for criticizing the President’s speech. She noted that Trump got a standing ovation.

“Rather than quote Brennan, shouldn’t the media investigate the former CIA director? If that’s not possible because of past media collusion with Brennan’s CIA, the job will have to fall on the shoulders of Trump’s new CIA Director Pompeo, and the House and Senate intelligence committees.”

Extracted from “Will Trump's CIA Investigate Itself?” by Cliff Kincaid, Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism. GOPUSA.com, Jan 24, 2017

President Trump, draining the CIA swamp!

Trump needs to drain the CIA swamp
Interesting Debka report (0738), especially President Trump's comments. It goes along with my earlier comments on Pres. Trump being underestimated by his enemies-- that is, as a vapid, inexperienced nitwit. He correctly understands that American intelligence organizations are in shambles and have been for many years, even before Reagan took office. In fact, William Casey thought so little of the highly bureaucratized CIA that he moved his office out of the Langley building into the White House. He didn't trust the career personnel and knew that they were incompetent, to be kind. Casey also had his own black C-141 Starlifter, with no external markings, which he flew around the world meeting clandestinely with world leaders and other intelligence agencies. He knew how an intelligence operation needed to be run.

I stand by my statement that far too many in the CIA are communist operatives, left-wing sympathizers and Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators. Truman created the CIA only reluctantly, knowing that they would always be a potential danger to American freedom. His trepidations have proven accurate. Like Sec of Defense McNamara, the CIA moved quickly from HUMINT (human intelligence) to the "whiz kid" McNamara model of technological spying and intelligence, which has proven itself to be a grand failure over and over. Casey found the reams of intelligence reports generated by the Directorate of Intelligence as completely worthless, a similar conclusion President Trump concluded in the so-called intelligence briefing he was scheduled to attend. He found their information all but useless. Casey also found the CIA Station in Saudia Arabia idle and that it led to the enormous intelligence loss when radical students in Iran took over the US embassy in Tehran and stole a massive amount of CIA intelligence material from the embassy. Such intelligence failures have increased since Director Casey left the CIA. A telling of these failures would require a separate paper.

The evidence of the impending 9/11 attack, for example, was obvious to even a novice intelligence operative or virtually anyone with common sense. After the initial failed bombing of the Trade Towers it was known that they would try a second attempt. Intelligence agents from several countries warned the CIA that they had strong intel that said the terrorists planned to use airplanes as flying bombs to bring down buildings. This intel was ignored by the CIA. The CIA is not alone in these failures. It has never been explained who in fact, apparently at the highest levels of government, ordered FBI agents, who had in their hands a computer containing the entire 9/11 operation, to not look at its contents. As a result 3000 people lost their lives and we entered a destructive war in Iraq and Afghanistan that created the chaos that we are dealing with today. After months of fumbling, it was explained away as the administration not wanting to “embarrass” Islamic people. In other word, PC was more important than American lives and national security.

Such an action by the administration was not a "mistake" or based on consideration for Islamic feelings-- it was, in my estimation, a purposeful plan to have the 9/11 attack take place so that they could justify their war in the Middle East-- a war that eventually led to a massive empowerment of communist/Islamic rebels in the region. In essence, it was another false flag event, such as Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Under the babbling traitor Obama, ISIS and a gaggle of other Islamic jihadist have ravaged the Middle East and endangered Israel to a point never seen before. It has also given Putin the excuse to enter the area to establish Russian control of the region. The Russians (Soviets) are in union with the jihadist. The CIA, under Obama and Hillary Clinton, was engineering the transfer of a massive number of weapons taken from Gaddafi, including 10,000 shoulder fired missiles, to the most radical elements in Libya— during the Benghazi incident.

President Trump must totally reorganize all our intelligence services and expel all of the worthless, do-nothing bureaucrats, and especially the dangerous traitors in the CIA and NSA. The intelligence services must be designed to be top-notch operations and with his guidance I think it will. We have almost as many enemies at home as we do abroad. Traitors are at every level of our government, many deeply entrenched in policy-making areas, think tanks, non-governmental organizations (CFR, TC and others), Treasury Department, Commerce Department, the intelligence services, Congress, especially the State Department and the Judiciary. The media, overall are traitors to everything basic to this Republic. The domestic enemies President Trump faces are enormous and they are backed by some of the wealthiest individuals and groups in the world. The Tax-Exempt foundations alone represent trillions of dollars and are in positions of enormous influence and power.

The leftist dominated media will do everything in its power to block every attempt President Trump makes to "drain the swamp." The attacks will include Hollywood movie mongols who will include in major movies quips about how the Trump cuts damaged this and that--just as they did during President Reagan's tenure. Every TV program will do likewise and it will extend to novels, popular magazine and any other form of communication that reaches the "masses." It will be a massive chorus of left-wing clamor designed to portray President Trump as an inexperienced, dangerous showman who just doesn't understand what America wants and needs. Of course, the "elders," that is, the elite "wise ones," as they call themselves, will demand that they be give the power to redesign the world in a humane and compassionate way-- a New World Order. We are suffering from the "long march" envisioned by Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfort School. 

Our culture is in shambles, the youth are not only victims of massive educational propaganda, but a vast number are part of a third generation of users of mind-altering street drugs that have left them unable to think rationally or clearly. In addition, they are so consumed by their electronic devices that they have lost the ability to develop normal social relationships, even among family members. This keeps them distracted so that they never study anything in depth— everything is predigested for them, repackaged and inserted in their addled brains. They speak in terms of gibberish and spew out leftist, Marxist/Gramscian nonsense, as if it represented rational thought.. They, the so-called "progressives," are all Neoplatonic utopians. Every manner of attacks is being used to further disable their minds so they will be incapable of thinking-- massive vaccination, poor diets, dependence on prescription drugs (ADHD drugs, antidepressants, etc), fluoride in the water supply and other methods. The social destruction is monumental. My good friend Dr. Joseph Douglas, Jr., wrote a book manuscript on mind control and asked me to review it, which I did. He was never able to get it published by the conservative presses--because it was a subject just too hot to handle. Psyops (Psychological operations) ["planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals"] is a major part of the program to change the world. Dr. Douglas told me many times about the infiltration of the intelligence services by our enemies and how these traitors thwarted every effort to expose the real plot. He was in a position to know, as he worked with many CIA and NSA officers as well as other intelligence services.
He told me that when he was debriefing Major General Jan Sejna, one of the highest Soviet block defectors to ever come to the United States, the CIA repeatedly rejected Sejna’s information, even though he had a photographic memory and much of his information had been confirmed from a number of other defectors and sources. He passed three lie-detector tests easily. He was the one defector who knew the details of how American POWs from Korea and Vietnam were being used as guinea pigs for Soviet, gruesome experiments. (See my two part paper on American POWs as guinea pigs) On several occasions, Dr. Douglass told me, the CIA attempted to have General Sejna sent back to the Soviet Union, where he would have met a gruesome death. Dr. Douglass could think of only two reason they would do that— higher ups did not want the POW information known or the CIA leadership was Soviet-influenced— traitors. It is reminiscent of the shameful Operation Keelhaul.

President Trump, at least on a secular level, is our only hope. I put my ultimate trust at a much higher level— beyond that of man.

Obama's now vs Reagan's CIA in the cold war!

Thanks Dr. Faria for reminding us all how valuable the CIA was during the Cold War threat and for showing how it and the FBI have been commandeered as political forces by unscrupulous Democrats. How did Brennan pass congressional scrutiny with his Communist past?
Thanks, Tim. It seems to be another case of an old fox guarding the hen house with the connivance of an envious neighbor left in charge!--- MAF

CIA and Russian Hacking!

Another Fake Report by the CIA and the Media By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

This is another excellent article by Dr. Faria. I am not as much a fan of the CIA as Miguel, but I recognized that the CIA has a great number of dedicated, patriotic and brave men and women who regularly put their lives on the line for this country. Yet, the CIA has a rather sordid history, which began from the organization that gave it birth, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), led by William “Wild Bill” Donovan. During our operations against the German National Socialists in Europe, the OSS under General Donovan’s leadership, organized partisans to conduct guerrilla tactics against the enemy. Donovan was heavily criticized at the time for including a strong contingent of communist partisans within this guerrilla movement. He defended his actions by stating that he didn’t care that they were communist, and that he would join with the devil himself to defeat Hitler. At the time, it was well known that Stalin had murdered tens of millions and was the leader of one of the most oppressive totalitarian governments in the world.

Donovan’s OSS also trained Mao Zedong’s Red army in China and met frequently with Ho Chi Minh in French Indochina. He had no aversion with working with the communists. As for William Casey, the director of the CIA under Reagan, I am quite skeptical of his dedication to this country as well. In the later 1960s the Soviets began planning for the construction of the largest truck plant in the world, the Kama river plant, covering some 36 square miles. It was known by the CIA that military vehicles were being constructed within this plant and were being used to foment the Soviet’s wars of expansion. Yet, they not only kept this secret, but the future director of the CIA, William Casey, as the head of the Export-Import Bank at the time, played a pivotal part in its construction by approving in 1972 the financing using American taxpayer money— some one billion dollars.(1) When later confronted by this damning fact, Casey denied he knew of the military applications, which was proven to be a lie. Casey had also been an associate of the notorious admirer of Lenin, Armand Hammer, the only American to receive the Order of Lenin medal.

The CIA was well aware Stalin was using his influence agents in Hollywood to convince Americans that the Soviet Union was a utopian model for the world, yet during the entire period of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) hearings, the CIA remained silent about what it knew to be true.(2)

During the Vietnam war, when the country was being torn apart by the so-called antiwar movement, it was well known by all our intelligence agencies, especially the CIA, that the Soviets were engineering this movement through its various front groups in an effort to undermine our war effort. This resulted in the deaths of thousands of our soldiers and worse treatment of our POWs. Again, they remained silent. The entire communist-led anti-war movement could have been terminated had our intelligence services, such as the CIA, informed the public that this outrage was Soviet led. It would have spared us the massive infusion of illicit drugs into our society and the radicalization of our universities and educational system.

During most of my lifetime I have witnessed the use of numerous communist front groups in an effort to make major advances in most of the world and to changed much of our society. The CIA knew, from the very beginning, that these front groups were Soviet created and controlled— including the Communist Party USA. The purpose of these front groups was to disrupt our society, convince the public that the Soviet system was superior and undermine American free enterprise.

The CIA knew that the Soviets were controlling these groups because of the Venona Project, which demonstrated, though thousands of decoded Soviet messages to these front groups and the CPUSA, that the Soviets had infiltrated virtually every area of American society, including government agencies.(3) Despite the fact that this information proved that much of what the HUAC and the Senate investigations had uncovered and that were so heavily attacked by the leftist media and Hollywood, was indeed true— they remained silent, even after it was safe to release the information to the general public.

This brings us to this present-day issue—use of the CIA by Obama, a known communist himself, to attempt to undermine an American election. It has been reported that FBI Director Comey contacted President-elect Trump and informed him that CIA director John Brennan politicized the CIA just as Eric Holder politicized the Department of Justice. Evidence of this political use of the CIA was revealed during an interview of Rep. Peter King (R-NY) by Megyn Kelly on Fox News. He told her that the CIA had never contacted Congress about any such suspicions of Russian involvement, even though the CIA is under the control of the Committee on Intelligence. Rep King is the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and likewise, has never been contacted by the CIA about such suspicions. Apparently, he says, some rogue group within the CIA leaked the story to the Washington Post and the New York Times, an activity, according to Rep King, that is illegal. He voiced his suspicion that this was all an act of disinformation by a rogue group within the CIA, most likely by Director John Brennan. And of course, we can always depend on that scoundrel, nitwit John McCain to join with the evil Democrats—betrayal is in his blood.

Now for argument’s sake let’s say the Russians did hack into the emails of that blabbering idiot Hillary Clinton, who made them available for hacking to anyone with the hacking skills needed. No one, of a serious intellect, suggest the emails have been altered or are fake—there only contention is that the Russians did it. Now, let say that a burglar breaks into a house and steals the homeowner’s computer. The burglar looks on the computer and sees that it contains plans to blow up a building and could possibly kill 2000 people and seriously injure many more. He’s a burglar, but he cannot just do nothing and let all these people die— so, he contacts the authorities, tells them what he has found, and leaves the computer where they can find it. By doing so he has saved thousands of lives. This is very close to what Julian Assange did. One can make a case that what he did was illegal or unethical, but should the American voters have remained ignorant of the extreme level of corruption and nefarious machinations the Democratic Party was planning, just to remain ethical? Would we all be better off if the Democrats had been allowed to pull off this grand deception?

It seems ironic that the mainstream media is having a fit over the possibility that a foreign government is trying to manipulate our elections, but they are not concerned that a secret organization, the CIA, is trying to do the very same thing— after all, the CIA is not elected by the people. No one on the left seems to be concerned that the Chinese communist government have given Hillary millions for her campaign and that the Saudis did likewise. No one seems to be concerned that private, unelected groups, such as the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), the CFR, Trilateral Commission or the Bilderbergers heavily influence government policy, both domestic and foreign policy, and even draft legislative bills. I pray that President-elect Trump will perform a house cleaning of the CIA and put an end to this political activity.

1. Sutton AC. The Best Enemy Money Can Buy. Liberty House Press, Billings, Montana, 1986, pp 24-25.
2. Ryskind AH. Hollywood Traitors. Blacklisted Screenwriters, Agents of Stalin, Allies of Hiltler. Regnery History, 2015.
3. Haynes JE, Klehr H. Vernona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America. Yale Univ Press, New Haven, 1999.

Defending Reagan's CIA

I Thank Dr. Blaylock for his instructive and supplementary commentaries as usual. The allegations against “Wild Bill” Donovan and the OSS are mostly true. But Donovan’s military, personal, and civilian records are sterling, even if I’m not necessarily one of his admirers. It all came down from FDR himself, who when confronted with communists in his government, cabinet, and advisors, quipped, “some of my best friend are communist,” which left J.Edgar Hoover stupefied. The direction and instructions came from the very top! So Donovan was following orders from the President of the United States. FDR, let’s remember, called Stalin fondly, “Uncle Joe” and gave him everything the dictator wanted, even argued with Churchill to send American and British to the Western front as soon as possible to save communist Russian lives! I recommend Stalin's Secret Agents — The Subversion of Roosevelt's Government by M. Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein (2012).

I think blaming the CIA for the infusion of drugs in our society, even if indirectly, is baseless, one of hundreds of disinformation campaigns initiated by the Soviets themselves, KGB, Department A, as has been revealed by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihail Pacepa’s Disinformation and many others including the various tomes of the Mitrokhin Archives. I agree with Dr. Blaylock about the harmful and treasonous communist front organizations in the U.S., many of which were infiltrated by the FBI but remained protected by the media, academia, and the ACLU. They continued to operate and undermine the free institutions in this country for decades. Left-wing organizations today were patterned by these organizations and continue to operate today.

As far as the CIA going public and denouncing the antiwar movement and the front organizations as Soviet dominated and funded — which they were — was not within the purview of the agency. The CIA pass information to the President who makes decisions based on the intelligence, and has a press secretary at his disposal to disclose such information to the public as he sees fit. The CIA’s job is to gather intelligence and conduct operations and keep its mouth shot, not to influence public policy. And yes, the CIA has made its share of mistakes and has paid a heavy price for them.

Armand Hammer was certainly a despicable character and fortunately Edward J. Epstein has written a masterpiece of a biography, that unmasked that agent of influence. Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer (1996) is highly recommended. As far as William Casey, he made mistakes but he has been the most dedicated and effective CIA Director in all its history. It would be difficult to name a better or more effective one. The same goes for Webster in the FBI, second only to J.Edgar Hoover, despite all the media spite and speculations on the latter to blacken his name. As to how Reagan and Casey help bring the Soviet empire to its knees, I continue to recommend the Farewell — The Greatest Spy Story of the Twentieth Century by Sergei Kostin and Eric Raynaud. Perhaps this book will help understand why Casey and Reagan acted the way they did towards the Soviet and bring them down while appearing to help them. The books cited are listed under Great Books

I strongly agree with the second half of Dr. Blaylock’s commentary on Obama’s CIA and the purported repercussions of the alleged Russian hacking. Obviously the Democrats still don't understand why they lost the election and are trying to find suitable scapegoats, Putin and the Russians!

See our articles on why the Democrats lost the election, and it was not because of the alleged Russian Hacking:
1. Blaylock RL. Defying the experts: Why they were wrong about everything. HaciendaPublishing.com. November 14, 2016. Available from: http://www.haciendapublishing.com/articles/defying-experts-why-they-were...

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Now we're Talking!

This is a most fascinating subject to me, and there has been several topics here that could occupy library. I will focus narrowly.

First I was most intrigued by Dr. Blaylock's assertion that the CIA aided Mao. Sure enough, the CIA website itself covers this very topic, albeit to a minor extent. That we would help Mao then is stunning, although perhaps not much more than our borrowing money from our enemy, Communist China today.

Granted there were difficulties helping Chiang in his fight against the Japanese during WWII; nevertheless, why would the US help a Marxist guerrilla like Mao? We knew what he was by then, and we certainly should have known the evil that was Communism that Mao would likely spread. To help Mao is to help our enemy. To aid the Nationalists was to aid the enemy of our enemy. Seems like a simply choice.

Moreover, as I understand, Mao was not so much an enemy of the Japanese, with whom we were at war, as he was the enemy of Chiang and his regime. Whereas, Chiang’s forces were engaging the Japanese, and the US would have been better served aiding him, despite the difficulties, for example with financial aid and weapons if not troops.

Was the US merely hedging our bets—playing both sides? Or could there be more of Roosevelt’s socialist leanings along with his SOVIET lackeys like Alger Hiss influencing this aid to Mao’s guerrillas? Dr. Faria leans toward the latter, if I read him right.

Donovan’s use of communist partisans and that “he didn’t care that they were communist, and that he would join with the devil himself to defeat Hitler” is indicative of the US policy during the war. However, this has always struck me personally as choosing the more evil of the two. After all communism killed far more than Hitler. Both of US enemies--Stalin and Hitler-- fighting it out also seems ideal for the US ideologically, although from a war strategy this might not be the most feasible. Yet how the US ever have considered USSR an ally, I have never understood? Admittedly, at 60 I am a Cold War veteran, not a WWII era citizen, so the echoes of “better dead than red” encircle my heart, not the Internationale. In fairness too I must state that I did not fight the Germans in WWII either.

The instances of front groups are well-documented. One source is The First Directorate by former KGB Chief of Foreign Counterintelligence Oleg Kalugin.

“As far as the CIA going public and denouncing the antiwar movement and the front organizations as Soviet dominated and funded — which they were — was not within the purview of the agency. The CIA pass information to the President who makes decisions based on the intelligence.” I concur this is not the job of the CIA to expose this, anymore than it is to leak to the New York Times or the Washington Post about Russian hacking. That is for the politicians, like Obama.

I must add here that when 22 million of us with clearances were hacked by the Communist Chinese, Obama did not kick 35 Chinese out of the country, sanction any entities or individuals, or close any compounds. Nothing was done by Obama in retaliation. If Obama were so concerned over Russian hacking, then he could have ordered his then Secretary of State—Hillary Clinton—to obey government policy and the law by using her encrypted government server instead of her personal server for four years. Her “extremely careless” misuse of SCI, Top Secret, and secret intel, which is the same as “grossly negligent” (despite Comey’s ignorance of this) and illegal regardless of intent (admittedly by Comey), plus her illegal destruction of these government documents (Federal Records Act), and finally Clinton’s lying to the FBI and Congress under oath all were illegal. None were prosecuted by AG Lynch. Now that influenced an election more than any alleged Russian hacking, as did Comey’s inexplicable conclusion in July that no reasonable prosecutor would take this case to trial after making a great case for why Hilary did break the law and should be brought to justice.

But some are more equal than others after all.
Dear Koba, I agree with you assessment. As with my previous statements, look to the very top for the betrayal of agents of influence or outright treason. Like in the case with the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the CIA takes blame but did not act without the president's direction and his policy of plausible deniability for himself and his administration outside the intelligence agencies. --- MAF

Obama's inept CIA!

From GOPUSA, Dec. 16, 2016:

Inluminatuo I hope Trump has hired some extremely loyal body guards, whom he can trust to throw their bodies in front of bullets like men did for Reagan. The forces of evil and deception run deep in our current Democrat Party of corruption, and the financial stakes run high. WHENEVER a Democrat points one finger at someone in accusation, THREE always point back at THEM. Their current accusations are just a smoke screen to cover for their own actual hacking crimes,, and 5th column activities.

Dido: I agree Inluminatuo, the forces of evil, deception, envy, and corruption do run deep in the Democrat Party. I hope Trump is aware of the personal danger he faces. But he is a man of courage and resourcefulness, and he should do well, perhaps even turn this country around, unless betrayed by the usual suspects in his own Party!

David Ball: A real hard question to ask is by what Constitutional Authority is the creation of so many of these Agency’s legal ? To start with from the founding of this country into the 20th Century we did not have the United States Air Force , CIA, FBI , BATF , DEA, etc.. so why do we need them now ? These agency’s do not have any legal right nor Constitutional reason to exist!

Either amend the Constitution or zero out their funding…As for the Air Force get used to wearing Army Green… Until an amendment is passed. Oh by the way the Army(14 June 1775) , Marines(10 Nov 1775) and Navy(13 Oct 1775) predate both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States…All of the rest not so much…

Dido: I believe the USAF, CIA and FBI could easily fall under the Preamble; Article I, Section VIII… in Order to provide for the common defence. Article I, Section VIII, Congress is vested with the power “to define and punish piracy and felonies committed in the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations… to raise and support armies…” etc.

To be able to fulfill such enumerated functions, considering the advances in warfare since the 20th century by hostile police states sworn to revolution, eradicate private property, and to overthrow the free market, capitalist systems, including our own… “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.”

The CIA, FBI, USAF all were established because we live in a very dangerous world. They were acts passed by Congress and signed by the presidents. In my opinion they are constitutional as presciently argued by Alexander Hamilton.
I too have a problem with the ATF and the DEA as a standing armies against the people. The very thing that the Founders abhorred…

Ituser: That they would.. However dido, to ME the CIA does exactly the same AS the FBI just in a foreign capacity only, even WITH THE # of times it has been reported they have acted on US soil against their presidential mandate… TO ME they have done far more BAD than what little they have done good on balance.. SO should be shut down.

Dido: Remember, Ituser, Truman disbanded Wild Bill Donovan’s OSS in 1945 after WWII, as he did not feel a foreign intelligence and operations agency was needed. Within a couple of years (1947) Truman had to approve the CIA with some remnants of the OSS (and less communist infiltration) to combat hostile foreign intelligence, including the KGB and the stealing of nuclear secrets!