Trump, Taiwan, and China — A phone call and a change in direction?

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Donald Trump spoke with Taiwan’s President Tsai-Ing-wen (photo, below) on December 3, triggering a thunderstorm of media clatter and protestations. Some mainstream media analysts were “aghast” at the incident. But the fact is Trump was correct to take the call fromTaiwan Presidnet Tsai-Ing-wen the diminutive but steely, determined, and democratically elected Taiwanese president. The Taiwanese have lived under the threat of invasion and even nuclear attack from the communist Chinese for decades.

Mellifluous-voiced David Wright, a talking head on ABC News crowed, “it is difficult to tell if Trump’s conversation was a rookie mistake or a deliberate provocation”; while ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd further expounded stating that either way Trump’s posture was “problematic.” The media dog and pony show on Sunday morning reminded me of the egregiously liberal bias I witnessed by ABC News commentators during election night coverage.

Most of the historic antecedents for the One China policy that the United States has observed for nearly 40 years have been ascribed to Republican President Richard Nixon. And while it is true that it was Nixon who opened up China, it was Democrat Jimmy Carter who trampled on the honor of America in 1979 by kowtowing excessively to the communist Chinese by severing diplomatic relations with Taiwan and casting the U.S. ally to the wind. It was one more submissive gesture to left-wing dictatorships and communist regimes during Carter’s administration among a long list of foreign policy failures and disasters.

At the time, Nixon’s trip to China was seen as a betrayal and very disheartening to many conservatives. However, the move was a strategic one that widened the rift between the two communist superpowers, the Soviets and the Red Chinese, and a veritable masterstroke in geopolitics in America’s best interest, a diplomatic coup that widened the Sino-Soviet Split during the cold war

For nearly four decades we have had a One China policy, but was that policy sound? Why would a sovereign nation like the U.S. not be allowed to have mutually beneficial trade with Taiwan? Why would the U.S., the most powerful nation in the world, not be permitted to have formal and friendly diplomatic relations with Taiwan, a democratic nation that wishes nothing but to be left in peace while preserving her independence and prosperity?

The media predicted a massive, angry, and destabilizing Chinese response, already blaming Trump for his “rookie mistake” or “deliberate Donald J. Trump, President-elect, on telephoneprovocation.” Moreover, Trump had previously not minced words in lambasting China, accusing the communist nation of terrible business and trading practices and for manipulating the currency to the detriment of the United States. But the feared and expectedly trembling response by China did not materialize. The diplomatic protest — if we can even called it a protest — was a very measured response, that China called bemusingly “solemn representations” with the United States.

According to ABC News, the Chinese foreign minister informed reporters in Beijing that China urged the relevant parties in the United States to handle Taiwan-related issues "cautiously and properly" to avoid "unnecessary interference" in the China-U.S. relationship. The minister insisted, “there is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inseparable part of Chinese territory.”  We will have to wait and see about that.

The U.S. remains China’s largest trading partner, and China has a big economic interest in maintaining that partnership, a trade partnership that actually resulted in an American trade deficit of nearly $340 billion in 2015. Corporativist China is not about to endanger that lucrative trade and chance a military confrontation with the U.S. for an old “runaway province” of Imperial China, especially when the American President-Elect is Donald Trump, and not another kowtowing Democrat president.

Moreover, Vladimir Putin, the formidable President of Russia and a tentative geopolitical ally of China, seems to be on excellent terms with Trump. Both the Russians and the Chinese understand that Trump will not be a push over and understand the concept of American economic and military power under a strong president. They remember the presidency of Ronald Reagan and how the evil empire came tumbling down following his energetic, determined, and projected leadership.

In U.S.-China relations, I believe restraint and civility will be the order of the day!

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D. is an Associate Editor in Chief and World Affairs Editor of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He is President of Haciendapublishing, a retired neurosurgeon, and the author of  Cuba in Revolution — Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002). His website is 

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Red or Fascist China? either way: Totalitarian!

The Death of Zhang Yang and China's Military Purge —General Zhang’s suicide comes as Xi consolidates his hold over the Chinese military. By Adam Ni, The diplomat, December 02, 2017

“A top Chinese military general has killed himself amid a probe into military corruption, Chinese state media reported on November 28. General Zhang Yang apparently hanged himself while being held under house arrest, pending an investigation on corruption charges.

“Zhang’s death puts to focus Xi Jinping’s quest for total control over China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)… Zhang had been a member of the powerful Central Military Commission (CMC), which controls China’s armed forces. As the head of the CMC Political Work Department, he was responsible for ensuring the political reliability of the PLA through ideological indoctrination and propaganda.

“He disappeared from the public view in September along with another CMC member, General Fang Fenghui, a rising star who headed the CMC Joint Staff Department. It was clear that both had been purged when their names were left off the PLA delegation list for the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress, attendance of which is prerequisite for involvement in elite politics and high office.

"Suicides by top Chinese leaders are extremely rare in post-Mao China. “Evading the punishment of Party discipline and law by committing suicide was disgusting conduct,” a PLA Daily commentary stated. The commentary made clear that Zhang was investigated for his links with Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, both former CMC vice chairs purged by Xi. It added: “a lot still needs to be done in eliminating the pernicious influence of Guo and Xu… as well as in the fight against corruption.”

“Since coming to power in 2012, Xi has purged more than 100 high-level military officers…”
For those who still don’t understand the left side of the political spectrum: Fascist China of Xi Jinping or the communist Red China of Mao Zedong remain collectivist dictatorships, two sides of the same coin!— MAF
Japan seeks longer-range cruise missiles amid North Korea threat, BBC December 8, 2017

“Japan plans to acquire medium-range air-to-surface missiles, expanding its strike capability to North Korea. The announcement by Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera comes amid regular missile tests by North Korea and increased tensions between the nations.The missiles will be deployed on the country's fleet of fighter jets and have a range of up to 1,000km (3281ft).

“The move is likely to be controversial, as Japan limits its military self-defense. But conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pushed in recent months to loosen the country's military restrictions, imposed in the wake of World World Two. New laws introduced by Mr Abe will soon allow a broader interpretation of what the constitution does, and does not, permit.”
It's about time Japan rearms. The world is a very dangerous place for those appearing weak and defenseless, and Japan is facing two increasingly belligerent nations, not just N. Korea, but also China. Weakness is an invitation for invasion and war! We should help those allies who help themselves.---MAF

Taiwan call, liberal spin!

Excellent analysis by Dr. Faria. Those of us who have lived during the long period of the rift between communist China and democratic Taiwan have witnessed this ongoing whining by the left media and political pundits during other episodes when conservatives have defended Taiwan. Taiwan has been one of the most faithful allies of the United States, and until they were removed from the UN Security Council with the aid of the idiot Jimmy Carter, they consistently voted with the United States. They offered to send troops to Vietnam to fight with us, which was refused as the idiot left posited that it would trigger a war with the communist thugs in China. My only disagreement is with Miguel's statement about Nixon's China trips as being a brilliant geopolitical move against the Soviets. It was the recognition of China as a "most favored nation" that allowed a massive infusion of technology and manufacturing into China. Without Western aid the Chinese communist nation would have remained a backward third world nation of little significance. By opening up relations, especially trade relations, we have help create a formable enemy — once again.

Now we have transferred a great deal of our manufacturing, much of which have military uses, to this blood-drenched communist hell. Trump, like Pat Buchanan before him, sees this quite clearly. As Miguel says, the Chinese communists cannot do without our economic and industrial aid and that is why we should bring it all home. Without years of massive transfers of technology and manufacturing to the Soviet Union and China, these enemy states would not have endangered the world for the past 100 years and hundreds of millions of lives would have been spared.

It does not surprise me to see the left media side with the totalitarian mass murders, since they always have. They, the American media, are traitors and should be treated as traitors. --- Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

I agree with much of what Dr. Blaylock says. Opening the Sino-Soviet Split wider with the diplomatic coup is one thing; the subsequent "most favored nation" status and the technological transfer that followed was another. I don't think the transfer was significant until the time of Bill Clinton's presidency. We have all witnessed this beneficially with the incredible improved quality of everyday Chinese products that we buy at Walmart, at one end, but also we have seen, more seriously and malevolently (and self-defeating for us) improvement in military and espionage capabilities of the Chinese, at the other — which we have seen with dismay in the last two decades.

1. Year of the Rat --- How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash by Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett, II. 275 pp., ISBN: 0-89526-333-5, Regnery Publishing, Washington, DC, 1998. Book review available from:
2. Faria MA. China, sexpionage, and cyber wars against America. GOPUSA, March 1, 2013. Available from:

Thanks Russell for your informative post as always---MAF

The Left does not get it!

From GOPUSA (Dec 6, 2016):

Baitfish: Of course the msm catastrophic team comes out like this is the start of the nuclear war with China. They will criticize the way Trump blows his nose if they think anyone will listen. I hope Trump cancels their White House Press passes and bans them from stepping on government property anywhere in America.

Allen L. Wells: Who gives a darn what ABC Radical, Leftist Reporters say? ABC and most of the other Main Stream Media clowns lost their credibility a long time ago. I put these guys right along side lawyers, used car salesmen, and child molesters.

Roman889: Why would Donald Trump, let alone anyone else who knows what shape the State Department is in, actually consult with that den of crazies before he has been sworn in and had the time to drain that swamp. The MSM thinks they know it all. Time to clean up that mess also. It may take time but the mainstream media can and should be dealt with. Maybe a seat in the bathroom next to the white house media room would be a good place to put these clowns.

Backpacker: George Stephanopoulos grilling Kellyanne Conway (photo, right) on Trump talking to the President of Taiwan, a free and prosperous country. Hey George DIAPER HEAD, look at your man Barack DemoRAT giving the terrorist country of Iran everything they want, with nothing in return. George DIAPER HEAD, look at Obama meeting in the White House with the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorist organization CAIR and Black TRASH Matters. Why don’t you question Barack, on the above mentioned? That is because, you are part of the MSM GARBAGE DUMP. George, go to your safe space, with your DIAPER and PANTIES on, get your coloring book, crayons and play dough and just stay there the rest of your life.

Joe23006: Another one of Jimmy Carter’s legacies! First, he dumped Reza Mohammed Shah Pahlavi of Iran for Ayatollah Khomeini who began the radicalization of the Islamic countries leading to the massive terrorist problem we now have. Second, he dumped the China of Taiwan and its democratically leaders since Chiang Kai shek, driven from the mainland by the Communists headed by Mao Zedong and followed by Deng Xiaoping.

Ituser: Carter’s legacy certainly is one of capitulation to our enemies.. JUST like Obama’s!

Columba: Dr. Faria is spot on when he says that both China and Russia know that Trump won’t be a pushover and are responding to him with increased respect. I think part of Trump’s credibility is also his … well; I’ll have to call it his predictable unpredictability. He never does what everyone expects. He doesn’t act like the politicians we’ve grown used to. He acts like someone with a firm purpose (“Make America Great Again,” anyone?) but a brand new rule book that he’s written himself.

Dido: You are correct. The only thing these people understand is force, and to make it worse for them Trump does not triangulate! Trump is already turning out to be even better than expected!

Trump's biggest challenge

Dear Miguel,
What is still amazing is how the Left still does not understand why they lost the election. Their disdain for the people who are the backbone of America is astounding. But their response and actions are understandable. They have been supported by an uncritical Media which is also Left and Socialistic in their thinking. The Media and the Establishment for almost 4 decades or more believe that the heart and soul of America, its workers, are too stupid to understand the complexities of civilization, which must be decided for them by the smart people in the Establishment. That conclusion is wrong. The re-election of Pelosi is a classic example of how insular they are and immune to what the public is saying. That goes for Trump’s moves toward the death of Castro, which echoed the sentiment of the Cuban refugees, who suffered under his crimes, and his approach to China with his call to the head of Taiwan. More is coming that they will not comprehend.  

On the economy, which I believe will be Trumps biggest challenge, only because he has inherited an economic disaster from Obama and $20 Trillion in debt, which with other unfunded liabilities can reach over $100 trillion. In addition the economies of the world, which are similarly in huge debt with more spending than they can afford, and all the banks of the world which have supported this debt has created a huge Ponzi scheme that is bound to fail. The vote in Italy for the M5S party to likely withdraw from the EU will be a huge shock to the world as the EU faces other withdrawals and a collapse.  The EU will work to shore up the Italian banks to save the EU. But more withdrawals will come. There is not enough money to support all the bad investments made around the world.

American will not be immune to this falling domino play. The USA is one of the largest debtor nations in the world. The economics of recovery are complex. If the USA takes money from other countries to even the balance sheet, those countries will not be able to produce goods others can buy or feed their people. So, the world economic situation is complicated. The recent decision by OPEC to put a floor on oil prices is another signal the countries involved want more money for their oil. The USA needs jobs and a revived economy. It needs infrastructure investment, a rebuilt military, rebuilding inner cities, all of which cost money. Reducing taxes both private and corporate also are a challenge with this huge background of debt. If the USA had no debt, all of these changes would be easy to fix,  but with the huge debt we have and the excessive money printing world wide, the value of all currencies is rapidly going to worthless. Right now the worldwide deflation and depressions are preventing the printing of money and inflation, as the printed money is not circulating. The economy is not growing, there is significant unemployment. So, this complex scheme of intertwined economics is a Trump nightmare and may limit his choices. Regardless, the world economy is a large threat to all. It is hard to believe that with all these factors going on simultaneously, that the USA will not avoid a depression, which we probably have now, except for the Obama manipulation of the statistics to avoid that conclusion.

All of this economic disaster has been covered up by the PRESS for years as it was complicit with the Obama administration. So, no doubt they will great the revelations of this economic disaster with disbelief and resistance to change. —Jim
James I. Ausman, M.D., PhD.