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Spring 1996
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AAPS Physician Hosts Weekly Radio Show

For the past 14 months, Nino M. Camardese, MD, Founder and President of the Freedom in Medicine Foundation, has taken time from his busy private family practice in Norwalk, Ohio to broadcast a weekly radio program on the American Freedom Radio Network.

Dr. Camardese, along with co-hosts John Lanzalotti, MD, author of the American Health Care Plan, and Fred Holden, economist and policy analyst, interview nationally prominent leaders on American Forum Talk Show, which presents American perspectives in medicine. According to Dr. Camardese, the show is “primarily about health care reform. Its purpose is to educate, motivate, and activate the grassroots people and help them become more knowledgeable and involved in preserving the best health care system in the world and passing on our constitutional foundations of liberty.”

Those with satellite dishes can hear American Forum by accessing Galaxy 6, Transponder 14, Audio 5.8, Wide-Band, Vertical Polarity. The show airs on Saturdays from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. E.S.T. and rebroadcast Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. E.S.T. Soon the program will also be on Satellite C-5, making it available on Digital Feed for the major radio networks in American and Canada.

For more information on how your county medical society can help sponsor and/or receive this program thus helping patient education, contact Dr. Camardese at (419) 668-8282.

GOP Close to Adopting Clinton-Style Health Plan by M. Stanton Evans

Though it could still come unglued, the fix is in on health care. If everything goes as planned, the Republican Party will soon adopt the central feature of the Clinton health-care scheme that went down to abject defeat a year ago in Congress.

This prospect is so incredible on its face that few people seem to grasp it.... What Clinton wanted to inflict upon the country, and what the GOP is getting ready to adopt, is something called “managed care,” provided mainly by “health maintenance organizations,” or HMOs....

Such groups have been strenuously signing up enrollees in the private sector, and are now being touted by Republicans at both the state and federal level as a supposed answer to our health care problems. (Human Events, October 13, 1995, page 1.)

Freedom in Medicine Foundation

The Freedom in Medicine Foundation is a patient-physician coalition educational foundation formed in 1992 by Nino M. Camardese, MD. Its purpose is to help reclaim American medicine, to help preserve the highest standards of ethics in the practice of private medicine, and to help preserve, protect, and pass on our great American heritage and legacy of freedom. For more information, contact Dr. Nino Camardese, Freedom in Medicine Foundation, Norwalk, OH, 44857; Tel: (419) 668-8282; Fax (419) 668-8283.

Deja Vu : An American Doctor Goes to France by Philip R. Alper, MD

A new system to reduce waste has just been instituted. It leans heavily on office-based physicians and spares the more politically powerful hospital sector, even though the latter consumes 60 percent of the health francs. The “Order of Physicians” (created by the fascist Vichy government during the Nazi occupation) was instructed to create a cookbook listing “appropriate” guidelines for ordering expensive — and even inexpensive — tests and medications.

The Order of Physicians controls all physician behavior in France and cannot be ignored. It is currently working on guidelines for justifying office visits and, as with tests and drugs, will force physicians to attest that every visit falls within the parameters of the official guidelines.

Every French doctor I met has become terrified of these controls because computers are used to evaluate their prescriptions and test requisitions, and it is possible to become a mathematical criminal without any awareness of wrongdoing....

The fines levied on a dozen doctors in the first two months of the program have been in the thousands of dollars. Doctors say they are beginning to ration care unconsciously for fear of violating the guidelines, which are too complex to remember or look up all the time....

French patients are also largely unaware of how their health system is undergoing rapid change. They generally don’t share their physicians concerns.

The conclusions I reached based on my look at French medicine probably apply as much in the United States as they do in France:

• Freedom of choice makes doctors and patients happy.

• It takes a complex and diverse system to please everyone.

• Such a system turns out eventually to cost more than some powerful party (government, industry) is willing to pay.

• Politics play an even bigger role than economics in determining health policy.

• Rationing is inevitable but will be instituted indirectly by putting pressure on physicians to limit the care they offer.

• The impact on patients will be real, but delayed.

(Internal Medicine World Report, September 15-30, 1995, page 6.)

Originally published in the Medical Sentinel 1996;1(1):2. Copyright©1996 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)



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It is now legend the AAPS legally lanced the secret task force and pulled its secrets...into the sunshine. It destoyed the Health Security Act.

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and the Transformation of Medical Ethics Through Time

Patients within a managed care system have the illusion there exists a doctor-patient relationship...But in reality, it is the managers who decide how medical care will be given.

Judicial activism...the capricious rule of man rather than the just rule of law.

The largest single problem facing American medicine today is the actions of government...

The lessons of history sagaciously reveal wherever governments have sought to control medical care and medical practice...the results have been as perverse as they have been disastrous.

Children are the centerpiece of the family, the treasure (and renewal) of countless civilizations, but they should not be used flagrantly to advance political agendas...

Prejudice against gun ownership by ordinary citizens is pervasive in the public health community, even when they profess objectivity and integrity in their scientific research.

The infusion of tax free money into the MSA of the working poor give this population tax equity with wealthier persons...

It was when Congress started dabbling in constitutionally forbidden activities that deficit spending produced a national debt!

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The lure of socialism is that it tells the people there is nothing they cannot have and that all social evils will be redressed by the state.

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