Socialized Medicine (Hillary Care) Coming to Oregon?

Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD
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Report from the States
Winter 2002
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The State of Oregon has an initiative on the ballot, "Health Care for All Oregonians," that is causing proponents and opponents to line up. The measure, if it passes, would establish a taxpayer-subsidized single payer system of medical care --- fully socialized medicine in Oregon.

Writing in, Jon Dougherty (September 29, 2002) reports: "The Oregon initiative, called 'Health Care for All Oregonians' and embodied in a ballot proposition called Measure 23, promises 'access to affordable quality health care for all Oregon residents through a comprehensive plan providing payment for medically necessary health services,' according to a summary of information posted online by ballot organizers.

"But critics are warning state residents not to be fooled by ambiguous language and broad promises. And, they say, claims that the initiative would save taxpayers and state government money are erroneous."

Dougherty quotes Sue Blevins, founder and president of the Institute for Health Freedom, who also spoke at the AAPS annual meeting this past fall in Tucson, "If you really want to know how single-payer health care will affect Americans, just look at the Medicare system. That's the only time a single payer health care system has been tried in this country and it's been a dismal failure."

Dougherty writes, "The devil may be in the details, however. A third of the financing will come from taxes that support 'federal, state and local governments.' The rest will come from a 'progressive' tax on employers that replaces the current amounts they are spending to insure employees. This is coupled with 'a progressive personal income tax' that will 'replace most personal health-care spending --- premiums, co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses for such items as prescription drugs, glasses, mental health and alternative care.' "

We believe Oregonians, if they approve this initiative, would be making a grave mistake. They would create a bureaucratic and collectivist maze without an exit. Socialized medicine has failed wherever it has been implemented with disastrous results. If Measure 23 is enacted in Oregon, it will fail just as socialized medicine failed in Washington State, Canada, Cuba and the Soviet Union.

Let's hope this madness doesn't spread beyond the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Faria is Editor emeritus of the Medical Sentinel.

Originally published in the Medical Sentinel 2002;7(4):130. Copyright©2002 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

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