Statism Clears the Field

Vernon L. Goltry, MD
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President's Page
September/October 1998
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One-seventh of the U.S. economy continues to be threatened by actions normally attributed to a socialist government. Managed care, encouraged by the Nixon Administration through economic incentives and special legislation, is now in the final stages of taking over America’s medical care delivery system. However, its fundamental modus operandi — denying medical care for profit — is becoming more and more apparent to the American populace.

As the American people discover the atrocities being carried out at the hands of managed care, cries of outrage are getting louder and are directed toward the policeman, Washington D.C., to correct the manifest problems — problems inherent in the unethical nature of managed care, a system proposed and encouraged by government and at the heart and core of the rejected Clinton Health Care Plan. The government, being only too happy to respond, has set about to fix the problem it helped create. Rules, regulations, and mandates are becoming legion. So-called conservatives continue to “kiss the pig” as they did with the Kassebaum-Kennedy legislation.

The managed care concept operating in the private sector, being unlike the government, has certain rules and regulations it must follow. As has been seen recently, nearly all major managed care/HMO concerns are in dire economic straits. Medicare and Medicaid HMOs are vaporizing as companies become increasingly aware of the unprofitable nature of doing business with these blatantly socialist programs. The government has continued to ratchet down payments for services rendered to the point where companies cannot continue to sustain managed care socialized medicine.

In the standard indemnity area of private medical insurance, mandates of coverage and guaranteed issue proceeding from the government violate basic economic principles of insurance and risk-taking, and are increasingly making it unprofitable and administratively difficult for insurance companies to continue to stay in business. As is typical of our arrogant government, often behaving as a cheap third-world dictatorship, those delivering medical care in the person of physicians, hospitals, and ancillary medical personnel are blamed for the failure of its socialist programs — Medicare and Medicaid — and punishment follows.

The American people buy these lies and continue to ask our government to straighten out the mess. For too many Americans — for whom history is a week ago and ancient history a month ago — there seems to be universal amnesia as to the historic, uniform failure of socialism in medical care throughout the world. They seem to honestly believe the government is going to fix this debacle. Security, not freedom with responsibility, is their concern.

As the draconian rules and regulations descend from the Kassebaum-Kennedy legislation, many of us are beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors to a terrible realization. Since the government failed under the Clinton Administration to bring in complete socialized medicine in one broad sweep of the brush, it is becoming increasingly apparent that through incrementalism and working on multiple fronts, our unconstitutionally behaving government is set to accomplish the same end.

As it’s made more difficult, indeed approaching the impossible, for managed care and private indemnity to do business in the real world and follow all of the government’s mandates, they will continue to depart and go out of business, in time, the field will be cleared. The madness of the Clinton Administration wanting to extend coverage for Americans below age 65 in a system destined to go bankrupt in the next few years is tantamount to insanity. Institutionalized irrationality is truly the order of the day.

As the American people respond to all of this mixed and confused propaganda about the evils of managed care, standard indemnity, doctors, hospitals, etc., and the government clears the field of all private sector competition — the only player left on the field will be socialized medicine, United States style. We all must keep this in mind when we cheer the regulations being placed on managed care and the insurance industry because, in the end, this will only work against freedom.

It is equally important to get our terminology correct and insist our representatives and senators begin calling Medicare and Medicaid what they are — socialized medicine for the elderly and socialized medicine for the poor and disabled, respectively. And, we must be willing to vocalize our realization that the whole purpose of all of this government activity is to completely take over the finest and most envied medical care delivery system in the world. Once we lose this area of freedom, most likely we will never get it back. Our congressmen need to be made aware of what they are consciously or unconsciously doing to this nation that used to be the freest in the world. A reprobate mind is clearly in control of our federal government. We must inform the government that we no longer “see through the glass darkly.”

Dr. Goltry is AAPS President and an Otolaryngologist in Boise, Idaho. His address is Imperial Plaza, 200 North Third Street, Suite 203, Boise, ID 83702.

Originally published in the Medical Sentinel 1998;3(5):166. Copyright © 1998 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).





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