Faria: Another shooting, more gun control!

What’s wrong with this picture? I refer to the latest shooting, February 7, in which a 17-year-old man at a Monroeville Pennsylvania mall shot three people. The brief AP story was remarkably shallow and riddled with errors due to media bias. The story went on, "Pennsylvania native and ex-NFL quarterback Terrelle Pryor tweeted Saturday that he was at the mall, when the shooting occurred. 'Damn was just in Monroeville mall and just saw 2 ppl get shot. They are letting guns go in there." Knee jerk reaction

First, the athlete may know about football, but certainly knows nothing about gun policies. He inhales media propaganda learned from talking heads and blathers back incorrect information on cue! The Monroeville Mall, as we will see, a “gun free zone,” did not allow lawful citizens to carry guns!

The story continued, “Four on-duty police officers have been stationed in the mall' Monroeville Mayor Gregory Erosenko said. I would have thought that having four officers there would have deterred any incident like we saw (Saturday)."

Yes, police presence may deter crime, but not always. Moreover, the police even at a given location cannot be physically present everywhere at all times to deter crime or protect citizens. Nor are they legally required to do so (Bowers v. Devito, 1982).

And here is the lethal invitation: "Weapons are banned at the mall, whose code of conduct specifically prohibits carrying or displaying weapons of any kind except those carried by certified law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties."

The mall, advertising a firearms ban for all citizens, except police officers, is an open invitation to armed transgressors while making all shoppers defenseless, sitting ducks, to madmen and criminals. Lawful citizens, given the times in which we live, should hold these establishments accountable legally for preventing self and family protection.

Homes searched for gunsUnfortunately, as noted by Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin,” and multiple senseless rampage shootings remain with us as a result of such factors as a permissive (and paradoxically) strained society. The guns are here and misused by criminals and madmen on the loose or going through the revolving doors of mental and rehabilitation facilities and prisons. As to guns in the population, it will take a police state to try to eliminate them.

A failure of parenthood and the public education system; the culture of government dependence that fosters alienation and despair; secularization of society; drugs and mental illness superimposed on meanness and the usual frailties of human nature are some of the causes. With the sensationalization of violence by the media and the popular culture, coupled with the ubiquitous yearning for fame and celebrity status at any price, the dyke is leaking, and it will take more than facile gun control blather and political correctness mantras to stop the leak!

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D. is the author of Cuba in Revolution — Escape from a Lost Paradise (2002) and of numerous articles on political history and Soviet communism, including "Stalin's Mysterious Death" (2011), "Stalin, Communists and Fatal Statistics" (2011), and "The Political Spectrum." His website is www.haciendapub.com or www.drmiguelfaria.com

This editorial was published in the Macon Telegraph on February 11, 2015. The photographs used to illustrate this article came from a variety of sources and did not appear in the Macon Telegraph article.

This article can be cited as:  Faria MA. Another shooting, more gun control! The Macon Telegraph, February 11, 2015. Available from: http://www.haciendapub.com/randomnotes/faria-another-shooting-more-gun-control

Copyright ©2015 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

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Concealed carry works!

Here's another story that's proof concealed carry works!

An Uber driver with a concealed handgun prevented a mass shooting in Chicago by Adam Bates, Cato Institute, Apr. 21, 2015

According to Bates' article, even the Chicago Tribune reported the story citing "Assistant State's Attorney Barry Quinn:

"A group of people had been walking in front of the driver around 11:50 p.m. in the 2900 block of North Milwaukee Avenue when Everardo Custodio, 22, began firing into the crowd, Quinn said.

"The driver pulled out a handgun and fired six shots at Custodio, hitting him several times, according to court records. Responding officers found Custodio lying on the ground, bleeding, Quinn said. No other injuries were reported.

"The driver will not be charged.

"The driver had a concealed-carry permit and acted in the defense of himself and others, Assistant State's Attorney Barry Quinn said in court Sunday."