Latin communists no idle threat

This article was originally published in the Macon Telegraph and News on August 23, 1987 and is republished here for readers of

Editors: I was rather shocked after reading the letter written by members of the "Central Georgians for Central America." As a naturalized citizen who escaped at the age of 13 from the communist island of Cuba, I have firsthand knowledge of the difference between living in a communist country and in a democracy.

I was very fortunate to come to America 21 years ago. I remember that this country received me with open arms. From time to time, I feel a moral obligation to denounce some of the liberal elements who are determined to force the capitulation of our country.

If the members of the so-called "Central Georgians for Central America" want to spend time and live with their comrades in one of the communist utopias, I think their attitude would be quite different, i.e., remember former Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver's Soul on Ice and subsequently Soul on Fire.

The truth of the matter is that communism remains a threat in our hemisphere. Just last week for example, Gen. Ivan M. Tretyak, who was in charge of the Soviet air defense in the Far East when the Korean airliner was shot down in 1983, was promoted to be the new chief of the Soviet Air Defense Forces. In other words, the general who was in charge in the massacre of almost 300 innocent people has been promoted to replace the former chiefs of the Soviet Air Defense because they did not stop the German teenager, Mathias Rust, whose flight embarrassed the Kremlin leadership.

Chief Marshall Alexander I. Koldunov was replaced because the teenager was allowed to penetrate and "violate" Soviet air space. In a similar move, the minister of defense, Sergei Sokolov, was replaced by the general of the army, Dmitri Yazov.

Despite the fact that we in the Western democracies continue to have the wishful thinking that the Russians have changed their views with Mr. Gorbachev's glasnost policies, the fact is that the Russians have not changed their views; they still believe in world domination. They reward those who use force to promote Communism.

In Central America, the Soviets support the Sandinistas. The Sandinistas have the largest and most powerful army in Central America. Only the Cubans have a more powerful and better army. Whereas the Contras have an army of fewer than 15,000 rebels, the Sandinistas have an army 120,000 strong. They have the latest Soviet helicopters, tanks, and MIG fighters. They support the leftist insurgents in El Salvador and Guatamala. They have been armed with sophisticated offensive weaons which are no match for those of the freedom fighters, better known as the Contras. The Sandinistas have persecuted and exterminated a large portion of the Miskito Indians, stripped them of their lands and property.

The Sandinistas have closed newspapers (remember La Prensa), nationalized private property and businesses, confiscated land and violated their own people's civil rights. They have also provided a Soviet base in our own backyard that could be used against the United States in the event of a superpower showdown. They are supported by communist Cuba who is already one of the Soviet Union's greatest allies. Cuba has provided surrogate armies to prop up other communist regimes elsewhere, i.e., Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique, etc.

While we debate the Iran-Contra affair, the Russians continue their occupation of Afghanistan, their support of authoritarian communist countries in Africa (such as Mozambique, Angola, Ethiopia where the people are dying by the thousands from famine and starvation while their communist leaders continue to receive Soviet aid in weapons and ammunition) and elsewhere.

It is now obvious through the hearings we have been forced to watch on TV or read in the newspapers that Col. Oliver North was battling communism, and I for one, resent only the fact that the president was not in charge of this necessary operation. if the Cubans and the Sandinistas are not stopped in Central America, sooner or later we will have to stop them at the Rio Grande with or without the "Central Georgians for Central America."

Written by Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

Dr. Miguel A. Faria is a neurological surgeon in Macon, Georgia.

This article was printed in the Macon Telegraph on August 23, 1987.

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