Letter to the Editor — A Vote for Dr. Spencer Price for Georgia State Senate (District 18)!

Dear Editor,

It is not often that I publicly endorse candidates, but I must do so for Dr. Spencer Price, savaged in this paper, which usually sabotages the more conservative and endorses the more liberal candidates (no secret there)! Spencer was one of my brightest students in medical school at Mercer, excelling scholastically as well as expressing understanding and concern for sick fellow human beings — traits of a truly compassionate physician and human being. Since that time, he has served in the military honorably and practiced medicine admirably. Spencer may have had financial difficulties and a business deal that did not pan out, but these were resolved and aren’t suspect — unlike the shenanigans of several chronic, recurrent local politicians, many of whom The Telegraph repeatedly endorses.

Most telling is what The Telegraph failed to mention: Price is a 19-year veteran of the Georgia Army National Guard; completed combat rotations in Iraq and in Afghanistan; is a flight surgeon and former member of NASA Space Operations Medical Support Team; participated in several Space Shuttle support missions and training exercises; is a life member of Veterans of Foreign Wars; and is strong pro-Second Amendment.

Spencer has expressed concern for the state of politics in Middle Georgia, which he intends to correct with leadership and hard work. He isn’t a rich lawyer but a modest physician and military veteran, who would truly represent us with common sense, dignity and conservative values more akin to those of his constituents in Middle Georgia than a lawyer-litigator with ties to Atlanta. Some local Republicans support Price’s opponent, simply because they expect him to win supported by big money and influence — but the contest is not over yet. Spencer Price deserves your vote and financial support in the upcoming Georgia state Senate District 18 election.

Miguel A. Faria Jr., M.D. is associate editor-in-chief and a world affairs editor of Surgical Neurology International and author of “Cuba in Revolution — Escape From a Lost Paradise.”

This letter to the editor was published in the Macon Telegraph on May 7, 2014.  

Copyright ©2014 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

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Rotten egg on their faces!

Another Rebuttal, and more Kudos for Dr. Spencer Price , The Macon Telegraph, May 18, 2014

As the attorney who represented Dr. Spencer Price, I was taken aback by your editorial endorsing John Kennedy for state Senate District 18, not so much for the endorsement itself, but for the falsehoods printed therein. Even the cub reporters of yore, who didn’t require fancy journalism degrees, knew how to go to the courthouse and read the pleadings of a lawsuit. Had anyone at The Telegraph bothered to do so, they would have discovered that Price was not sued by the Medical Center for failing to establish a medical practice he had agreed to set up. He established the practice. However, when the United States Army activated his guard unit, he was deployed to Iraq to serve his country. While there, he found it a bit difficult to continue to operate the medical practice in Reynolds. He was sued by the Medical Center for failing to make payments on a loan and a lease.

When he returned from Iraq, he promptly admitted that he owed the Medical Center and consented to pay what he believed he owed. The only dispute remaining in the lawsuit concerned the interpretation of ambiguous language in the contract concerning forgiveness of a portion of the loan.
Had any of the reporters who have my cellular telephone number called me, The Telegraph would also have discovered that the lawsuit, and all of its outgrowths, has been resolved. The Medical Center’s attorneys are at this very moment forwarding the documents to the court dismissing the lawsuit and acknowledging its resolution.

On an issue as important as the potentially weighty endorsement of candidates for office, I would expect The Telegraph to have been in better command of the facts, especially since they were a matter of public record before Price began his first campaign against Sen. Cecil Staton.-- Michael L. Chidester, Byron

More Rotten egg on their faces!

It looks more and more like the eminent personae on the Telegraph Endorsement Editorial Board have ended with rotten egg all over their faces with their disastrous endorsement of Dr.Spence Price's opponent, no matter who ultimately wins the election! Not only that, but Dr Price has even won a libel suit against one of those who libeled him on one of these calumnious financial issues.

With the Editor's comment: "The Telegraph stands by its endorsement and of the facts presented in the editorial," the members of that Board are themselves individually potentially liable to be named in a lawsuit for malicious libel. Given the disclosure of truthful information presented here by Mr.Chidester and the courts, they are potential defendants in such a suit for their lack of due diligence in the pursuit of the facts — and more seriously, for standing by information that has now been shown to be erroneous and therefore knowingly malicious.

Too kindly perhaps, Dr Price has already donated it to charity; with the election campaign coming up against a rich lawyer, anyone else of less character and convictions, this bonanza would have ended up in his/her war chest. Needless to say, I am very proud of my former medical student, presently an American hero! Kudos to Spencer Price and let's hope he wins! Dr. Miguel A. Faria

The Telegraph Viewpoint comments

Diane Spear Mize: I'm glad to see The Telegraph didn't do a hatchet job on Dr. Faria's endorsement letter for Spencer Price for State Senate as it did on mine that was printed last Thursday. All mention of Price was removed from my letter, completely changing the purpose of the letter! Thank you Dr. Faria!

Denise Herring: Miguel A. Faria Jr., M.D. thank you for your letter of support for Spencer Price as he is uniquely qualified to represent us with his specialized knowledge and experience as a physician, soldier, farmer and businessman. Thanks to The Telegraph for printing your letter and in its entirety.